Welcome to JOMAMA EATS!

Calgary's skyline shadow over a sunset backdrop.

Hello! This is Jomar from Jomama Eats! This website about Calgary’s food. That’s it, really. No strings attached.


Jomama was a nickname that I was given by classmates and it was really memorable. As a foodie, I want to share the culinary delights of Calgary to locals and travellers alike! I know how hard it is to travel to a new city without a local guide, and I hope this website will be your local insight to Calgary and its food!

Why create a website about Calgary’s food?

I was inspired to create this website after my travels in Singapore. I love visiting cafés whenever I travel. Because I was in a foreign land with no idea of the “good” cafés, I decided to consult the Internet. Typing “good cafes in Singapore” in Google, what resulted were many bloggers and reviewers giving their lists and opinions about the “best” cafés in Singapore. I was inspired that there were so many locals raving about Singapore’s food!

Many outsiders don’t know this, but Calgary is one of Canada’s biggest cosmopolitan cities! We are the third-biggest municipality in Canada, with a population of about 1.1 million people! We are also one of the economic and cultural centres of Canada! I lived here since I was 10, and I proudly call Calgary home.

Welcome to Calgary!

Another reason I created a website about Calgarian food is because not many people are doing it! When you search “good cafes in Calgary,” you get results from Tripadvisor, Yelp and Zomato.  While those are okay, there aren’t many independent bloggers that give their opinions about said cafés (and restaurants). Hence, this is where I come in.

I want travellers to know that Calgary is not just a stepping stone to Banff/Lake Louise/Jasper. I want them to search “good places for brunch in Calgary” or “vegan restaurants in Calgary” and have a local’s opinion. Calgary has its own food, its own culture and its own identity! We are definitely worth your journey.

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