Hello! This is Jomar (aka Jomama) from JOMAMA EATS! Welcome to JOMAMA EATS!

Who is Jomama?

Hi, it’s me!

Jomama is a nickname given to me in high school, and it stuck to me because it’s so catchy. My real name is Jomar, I’m vegan and I’m a follower of Jesus.  I was born in the Philippines but I moved to Calgary, Canada when I was about 9 years old in 2001. Basically, I’ve lived a good chunk of my childhood, teenage and adult years in Calgary, so I proudly call Calgary home.

I am a practicing vegan at home, so I write about vegetarian- and vegan-friendly eateries and post vegan recipes. Vegan food is delicious, environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free and occasionally indulgent. 😉

I have no formal training in culinary; rather, I finished Chemical Engineering at the University of Calgary. After graduation in 2016, I didn’t know what to do because the job market sucked. It was then that I decided to start the blog as a hobby.


Why did I create this blog?

Initially, I wanted to create this blog after my travels in Singapore. I love visiting cafés whenever I travel, and Singapore was no exception (which has an amazing café scene). In Singapore, there were so many bloggers raving about Singapore’s food! This blog was created to mirror that; I wanted to showcase Calgary’s flourishing café and food scene!

What changed?

While I still want to showcase Calgary’s blossoming food scene, I also want to diversify my blog posts to travel, lifestyle and my own creations, not just Calgarian food. If you scroll back on my older posts, you’ll that that I mostly wrote about restaurants & cafes in Calgary & surrounding areas.

In 2017 and onwards, I want to showcase my life and what I love to do to my audience! My blog tagline says “food-eater, food-maker, wanderer” and I want to publish content that reflects that.






Welcome to Calgary!

Many outsiders don’t know this, but Calgary is one of Canada’s biggest cosmopolitan cities! We are the third-biggest municipality in Canada, with a population of about 1.1 million people! We are also one of the economic and cultural centres of Canada!

There aren’t many food and lifestyle bloggers in Calgary, but that’s changing gradually. Calgary is an amazing place to live, not just because it’s close to touristy Banff, but because the city is full of life and character! I lived here since I was 10, and I proudly call Calgary home.

Calgary at dusk.