Buffet Spread at Mount Everest Nepalese Restaurant

Mount Everest Nepalese Restaurant is the newest (and 2nd) restaurant to bring the food, flavour and culture of Nepal to Calgary. Nepalese cuisine is a unique cuisine with heavy influences from both its neighbours India and Tibet. You’ll find lots of curries (masalas), rice, dumplings (momos), dairy and bread. Nepalese dishes can also be quite carb-heavy […]

Dining and Drinking at National on 8th Avenue

National on 8th is an awesome place to grab some drinks with coworkers or friends after work! It’s also conveniently located right in the middle of Downtown Calgary. 🙂 Primarily known as a socializing bar, National on 8th offers excellent beer on tap, as well as delicious wines, cocktails and spirits. One surprising hit for […]