Refreshingly New Vegan Food at Veg-In YYC

Last month, I found myself at City Hall for a job interview, which ended at around noon. Hungry and mildly excited afterwards, I ventured off around the area to eat lunch. Fortunately, Veg-In YYC was very close to City Hall!

The first I heard of Veg-In YYC was in Instagram. I was elated to find that there was a new vegan restaurant in Calgary! Yay!!

Veg-In YYC.

I was surprised to see that the restaurant was still sort of messy. I suppose it is still relatively new, so they still have to iron out the kinks. There are only a few stools to sit in at Veg-In YYC, so you most likely have to get take out than not.

Veg-In YYC front counter.

The lady in front was really friendly, and when I told her it my first time at Veg-In, she was more than willing to explain their menu. Speaking of, the menu is quite extensive and very creative! They have vegan burrito (veggito), burgers, flatbreads, desserts, and some of their favourites.

Mardi Gras Veggito.

I settled for one of their vegan burritos—the Mardi Gras veggito, which contained smashed samosa filling. While the flavours were good, I thought that the veggito lacked some sort of sauce…it was dry and tiring to chew. Maybe I’m being picky but no one asked me if I wanted a sauce.

The Mardi Gras veggito was dry but flavourful.
Veggitos are substantial and very filling!

If you want dessert, they also have various desserts including vegan cheesecakes and cakes!

Vegan cheesecakes and cakes for dessert!

My first time at Veg-In YYC was less than spectacular, but hopefully the next time I go, it’ll be tastier and neater than this time!

Recommended? Maybe, if you want to try something new & novel.

COST: Moderate. The prices at Veg-In YYC are not super expensive. For a burrito, expect to pay $7 – $10. It’s quite affordable and the serving size is substantial enough.

TASTE: Okay-Good. I really, really want to love Veg-In YYC because I love what they stand for. Unfortunately, my burrito was dry, and was lacking some sort of sauce. I’m not sure if I had the option for a sauce (or sauces), but no one asked me. 🙁

ACCESSIBILITY: Easy. Veg-In YYC is located in downtown Calgary, close to the C-train station. From City Hall station, it is about ~5 minutes from City Hall station.

ATMOSPHERE: Okay. Since it is a new restaurant, the façade and decor is still lacking. The shop lady was saying that there were problems with the landlord, which contributes to its somewhat dilapidated look. Also, there are only a few stools to sit on in the eatery.

SERVICE: 9/10. The lady tending the store front is quite friendly and very welcoming! She explained their menu items and helped me pick something new.

Veg-In YYC at downtown Calgary.


Veg-In YYC

Address: 215 6th Avenue SE, Calgary AB

Phone: (587) 351 – 5253


  • Monday: 11AM – 7PM
  • Tuesday: 11AM – 7PM
  • Wednesday: 11AM – 7PM
  • Thursday: 11AM – 7PM
  • Friday: 11AM – 7PM
  • Saturday: 11AM – 7PM
  • Sunday: Closed


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