Vegan Chocolate Cake with Matcha Coconut Frosting

This has got to be my favourite cake combination: vegan chocolate cake with matcha coconut frosting! While chocolate by itself is delicious, the addition of matcha coconut frosting just takes it to the next level. There’s an amazing play between bitterness and sweetness in your palate as you eat it! The vegan chocolate cake is […]

Vegan Matcha Crepes With Chocolate Avocado Frosting (Green Tea Mille Crepe)

Have you found yourself scrolling on Instagram and finding vegan matcha crepes? Well, that was my inspiration for making this vegan matcha crepe cake with chocolate avocado frosting. Fun fact: crepe cakes are also called mille crepe, which translates to “thousand crepes” because of the number of crepe layers. Matcha round 2: matcha crêpe cake […]