Travels in Japan and Taiwan

A photo from my Japan & Taiwan travels. Here is Miyajima's famous "Floating Torii Gate."

For the months of May and June 2016, I made the decision to travel to Japan, Taiwan and Singapore as a sort-of “grad trip” to celebrate the past 5 years of my undergraduate career. University is hard work (especially when you take engineering), so I thought I needed to get away and enjoy life…even for just a short while. So, here is a short video montage of the Japan & Taiwan travels in May and June 2016.

I travelled solo for the two months and spoke no Japanese and Chinese. Brave? No, just very adventurous and willing to try new things. I personaly like travelling solo because it allows me freedom to set my own schedule, and I urge everyone to try it even once! During my trip, I met a number of really friendly travellers and locals alike. I experienced entirely different cultures and environments. I saw a lot of new & gorgeous scenery and landscapes. And of course, I ate a lot of good, delicious food!

Perhaps I’ll post more about my travels (and eats) in the future, but for now, enjoy this short video montage!



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