Portuguese History on a Day Trip to Guimaraes! Portugal Day 6

As a history nerd, I love learning a country’s origins and history. So, my day trip to Guimaraes (Guimarães) was very exciting because it is the antecedent city that would become known as Portugal! Guimarães is considered by many as the “cradle of Portugal” because it was here that the country’s first king was believes to […]

25 Foods to Eat in Singaporean Hawker Centres

Singapore is one of the world’s food cities, and rightly so! Its cuisine is a diverse mishmash of various Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, and Peranakan influences. Food is held up at a national reverence and with much affection from Singaporeans. When you talk to a Singaporean about their country, the topic of food will ALWAYS come up!  😆 And […]