Delicious Locally-Roasted Coffee at Kienna Cafe

Opening in April 2016, Kienna Cafe is the flagship cafe of the locally-Calgarian, Kienna Coffee Roasters.

Kienna Coffee Roasters.
Kienna Coffee Roasters.

One of my new hobbies during the weekends is to visit cafes, sip coffee and catch up on my blog. I feel like I’ve been going to too many restaurants and cafes more than I can pump out blog posts!

Today, I embarked on visiting a few cafes and restaurants in the Kensington area of Calgary (read my previous post here). After visiting the institution that is Higher Ground Cafe, I visited the newcomer that is Kienna Cafe. And Kienna Cafe delivers!

Look for this small sign for a great cafe experience!
Look for this small sign for a great cafe experience!

The cafe is quiet (for now) and doesn’t see the crowds of nearby Higher Ground Cafe or Starbucks (for now). Kienna Coffee Roasters roasts their own coffee beans since 1999, and their expertise shows in the coffee they serve. My soy latte ranks as one of the best lattes in Calgary (along with Baya Rica Cafe and Higher Ground Cafe). Coffee was dominating and the soy milk was only a complement.

Soy latte ($5).
Soy latte ($5).
Nice atmosphere for blogging.
Nice atmosphere for blogging.

Delicious coffee aside, Kienna is a great place for your social meets or solo needs. There are a number of tables and seats, and a few sofas and loveseats for your comfort. HOWEVER, there is NO WI-FI, but I will think that will change in the near future. In the meantime, you can siphon the Wi-fi from the spin studio next door.

I stayed at Kienna for a few hours to work on my (fantastic) blog, and I didn’t find it awkward whatsoever. On the contrary, I was quite comfortable. The staff were really friendly, and they accommodated to my vegan needs.

A selection of Kienna's coffee beans.
A selection of Kienna’s coffee beans.
Barista front counter.
Barista front counter.

While Kienna Cafe is a newcomer, it is a serious contender for the best coffee in Kensington (and even Calgary). Visit now and savour this vast cafe before it becomes a hotbed for hipsters and yuppies.

Recommended? Yes!

COST: Moderate. As with other independent & local cafes and coffeehouses, the prices at pretty standard. For a 16 oz. latte, expect to pay ~$5.

TASTE: Excellent. Hands down one of the best lattes I’ve had in Calgary, primarily because the coffee roast is perfect—not too dark but not too blonde. The coffee was still the predominant flavour, and the soy latte only complimented it.

ACCESSIBILITY: Moderate. Kienna Cafe is located along Kensington Road, which is a bit away from Sunnyside station (~10 minutes by foot). However, buses service the area too, and parking is available (albeit not free).

ATMOSPHERE: Nice. The cafe is very new, so it hasn’t been initiated by the crowds yet. Because of this, it’s quiet and a nice place for your me-time (introverts unite!). I predict that they will gain traction, and Kienna Cafe will be busy in a few more months. My only sentiment is that it gets progressively darker inside after you enter the door. A word of warning: there is NO WI-FI here.

SERVICE: 9/10. Friendly baristas make your coffee with care, and they’ll even serve you your coffee if you’re seated!

Newly opened Kienna Cafe in Kensington.
Newly opened Kienna Cafe in Kensington.


Kienna Coffee Roasters Cafe (Kienna Cafe)

Address: 1117A Kensington Road NW, Calgary AB

Phone: (403) 444 – 9300


  • Monday: 7AM – 7PM
  • Tuesday: 7AM – 7PM
  • Wednesday: 7AM – 7PM
  • Thursday: 7AM – 7PM
  • Friday: 7AM – 7PM
  • Saturday: 7AM – 8PM
  • Sunday: 7AM – 6PM


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