Matcha Soy Latte at Kawa Espresso Bar

On my third (and final) cafe for today’s cafe hopping, I decided to go to Kawa Espresso Bar. Kawa Espresso Bar is a cafe and wineshop that is, perhaps, most famous for the latte art produced by their very talented baristas.

The other cafes I visited for the crawl…

Kawa Espresso Bar.
Kawa Espresso Bar.

The owners named the espresso bar Kawa after the Polish word for “coffee” as a homage to the traditional coffee of their homeland. True to its name, Kawa delivers excellent coffee and tea, and even Polish favourites such as pierogi and borscht.

Kawa Espresso Bar front counter.
Kawa Espresso Bar front counter.
Dessert bar at Kawa.
Dessert bar at Kawa.

While not the biggest cafe, Kawa is pretty substantial. It’s not very cozy since it is a trendy cafe and frequently visited by customers. You can come here alone and snuggle up with a book/laptop, or have a social meet with friends/coworkers. Though, I think Kawa’s catered more towards the latter considering its size and atmosphere.

Small and narrow cafe at Kawa.
Small and narrow cafe at Kawa.

On my way to Kawa, it started to rain outside. And it was real intense rain. This cafe was an oasis in the storm, and it was perfect weather to order a matcha soy latte. I will say that the matcha soy latte I ordered here is the best one I’ve had in Calgary. It’s not too sweet but also not sweet enough; just the perfect amount of sweetness in my opinion.

Matcha Soy Latte.
Matcha Soy Latte.

One thing I love about Kawa is that it’s open until late so you can enjoy your coffee or wine fix. A lot of other cafes are only open until 6PM or 7PM, but Kawa is open late which is very refreshing. Kawa also plays host to various events such as poetry slams, live music and the global vegetarian night (on the 1st Monday of every month)!

Recommended? Yes!

COST: Normal. Prices for drinks are pretty normal here, just as you would find in other cafes. For a large espresso-based drink, expect to pay around $5.

TASTE: Good. The matcha soy latte I had is the best one I’ve had in Calgary so far! Next time I come here, I think I should try their pastries, meals and wine since they are so raved about.

ACCESSIBILITY: Moderate. Cafe Blanca is located in the Beltline area of Calgary. The best way to get here is to walk from 8th Street station, which is about 15 minutes by foot. There are parking spots by the sidewalk, but be prepared to pay for parking. It is also accessible by bus, but buses are somewhat tardy.

ATMOSPHERE: Nice. This is a really nice place to chat with friends/SO over coffee or wine. The music is not overly loud and the the lights are dimmed (but not too dark since the windows are big), which adds onto the romantic/intimate atmosphere.

SERVICE: 8/10. Baristas are quite friendly, and will produce beautiful latte art for you (if you order a latte, that is). You’re expected to put away your used cups and plates, so keep that in mind.

Enjoying my cup of latte.
Enjoying my cup of latte.


Kawa Espresso Bar

Address: 101 – 1333 8th Street SW, Calgary AB

Phone: (403) 452 – 5233


  • Monday: 7AM – 11PM
  • Tuesday: 7AM – 11PM
  • Wednesday: 7AM – 11PM
  • Thursday: 7AM – 11PM
  • Friday: 7AM – 2AM
  • Saturday: 9AM – 2AM
  • Sunday: 9AM – 10PM


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