Diner Fare with a Twist at Burger 320 in Kensington

After spending a day in Kensington, I was hungry for food and stumbled upon an eatery I haven’t tried before: Burger 320. Burger 320 offers typical diner fare (think burgers, fries, milkshakes), but with a twist. The Calgary-born owner, Chef Mario, translates his Italian heritage and Prairie beginnings to his menu. For example, the Cavallari […]

The District Starbucks is My New Favourite Starbucks

While Starbucks is a chain cafe, I have very fond memories of it because it was Starbucks that introduced me to different types of coffee, and different ways of preparing coffee. Also, you can’t escape it because Starbucks is everywhere! While coffee could be the same in each Starbucks, the service and atmosphere could widely […]