Diner Fare with a Twist at Burger 320 in Kensington

After spending a day in Kensington, I was hungry for food and stumbled upon an eatery I haven’t tried before: Burger 320.

Burger 320 in Kensington
Burger 320 in Kensington.

Burger 320 offers typical diner fare (think burgers, fries, milkshakes), but with a twist. The Calgary-born owner, Chef Mario, translates his Italian heritage and Prairie beginnings to his menu.

For example, the Cavallari burger is named after the family’s Italian name, complete with Italian flavours such as artichoke & garlic. The Cayley burger is aptly named after the hamlet where the family started in the Prairies. Also, instead of regular old ice cream, they have homemade gelato.

Ice cream available if you want!
Ice cream available if you want!

The store in Kensington opened in 2015, complete with its retro neon sign. The interior of the restaurant is modern, which was surprising because one would think it would have a retro diner design.

The restaurant has some cool decor, and they proudly showcase the awards they’ve won in contests. Seating is plenty, but they are commune-style, so you’ll have to share with strangers if you don’t mind that. Alternatively, you can get your order for takeaway.

Open kitchen to the left, tables to the right.
Open kitchen to the left, tables to the right.
I think the red devil is their logo?
I think the red devil is their logo?

I ordered the vegan version of the Molisana (veggie) burger ($11) with a side of white potato fries ($4). Overall, the burger was okay, had a lot of chew and not enough creaminess or sauce. I reckon that’s because of the absence of cheese and aioli.

Perhaps next time, I should just opt to make my own vegan burger with more vegetables. And ketchup. And mustard. Hey, I like myself a classic burger, despite it being vegan.

Molisana Burger with fries.
Molisana Burger with fries.

While burgers and fries wouldn’t be my first choice to eat in the culinary-rich Kensington, Burger 320 offers good burgers and other diner fare. Plus, it’s vegetarian- and vegan-friendly!


Recommended? Sure, if you had no other choice.

COST: Moderate. The prices are moderate, and expect to pay around $10 – $15 per burger. Fries aren’t included, and must be purchased (if you want) for $4 – $8. Waffles are between $10 – $20, and gelato is $4 – $7.

TASTE: Okay. As a vegan, it’s always hard to judge burgers because it’s a carnivore’s creation. However, based on the taste alone, my vegan burger was okay. I thought it was too much chew, and it frequently got stuck between my teeth. The fries were also okay; they were soft and not crispy enough. I didn’t try their gelato, but next time, I shall.

ACCESSIBILITY: Easy. Burger 320 has various locations in Calgary, but this one in Kensington is pretty easy to access. It’s near Sunnyside station (~10 minutes by foot), and buses service the area. I wouldn’t recommend driving since parking is quite difficult and scarce.

ATMOSPHERE: Nice. The eatery is an inviting restaurant, and I love the open kitchen concept. They have big commune-style tables for 6-8 people with stools, so it’s a casual restaurant. You order at the front, and pick it up at the kitchen bar.

SERVICE: 8/10. The staff is very friendly and are willing to accommodate your needs. They sometimes serve your food, but you’re expected to pick up your order by the kitchen bar.

Front counter at Burger 320.
Front counter at Burger 320.


Burger 320 in Kensington

Address: 126 10th Street NW, Calgary AB

Phone: (403) 515 – 0035


  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:30AM – 10PM
  • Wednesday: 11:30AM – 10PM
  • Thursday: 11:30AM – 11PM
  • Friday: 11AM – 1AM
  • Saturday: 11AM – 1AM
  • Sunday: 11AM – 10PM

Website: www.burger320.com

This is not a sponsored post.

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