Monogram Coffee in Altadore is The Most Hipster Cafe in Calgary

In all honestly, Monogram Coffee in Altadore is the most hipster cafe in Calgary. Everything seems hipster: the obscure location in southwest, the hole-in-the-wall venue, the wood decor, the incandescent lightbulbs (maybe?) and the homemade almond-cashew milk. And I am in heaven~ I like to consider myself to be a bit of a hipster: vegan, […]

Delicious Chinese Pastries at Rainbow Bakery in Chinatown

Rainbow Bakery Calgary is hands down one of my favourite Chinese bakery in Chinatown. This bakery is a nice introduction to Chinese baked goods if you’ve never tried it before. The bakery is located inside Dragon City Mall in Chinatown, and they’re usually open the whole week (except Mondays). The store itself is quite messy, […]