Freshly-baked Japanese Pastries at Oguraya Bakery

Oguraya Bakery is a bakery that specializes in authentic Japanese sweets, which is one of only a few in Calgary.

Oguraya Bakery aka Foster's Bakery.
Oguraya Bakery aka Foster’s Bakery.

After going to the Calgary Greek Festival 2016, my cousin and I wandered around the area, and found this small bakery tucked across the Greek Orthodox Church. When we went in, it looked so dilapidated inside so we quickly left. Then the owner came out to welcome us back in.

Currently messy shop front at Oguraya Bakery.
Currently messy shop front at Oguraya Bakery.

Inside, the owner’s daughter told us about the bakery. Apparently, the bakery didn’t used to have a shop front, and it was only during the summer when they opened the shop for walk-ins & rebranded it to “Oguraya Bakery” from “Foster’s Bakery.” There isn’t much at the shop front, except for the menu, the cash machine and a few decor.


Facts about their baked goods and pastries.
Facts about their baked goods and pastries.

They sell various authentic Japanese pastries including buns, donuts, cream puffs (popular in Japan), melonpan, and mochi. They also sell a couple Western baked goods like cinnamon twists and loaf breads.

The pastries are freshly baked daily, and if you come at certain times during the day, you may be able to grab some fresh off the oven. Fortunately when we arrived, it was around 4PM, and they just had a fresh batch of red bean buns!

Daily offerings at Oguraya Bakery.
Daily offerings at Oguraya Bakery.

In this visit, we bought some melonpan (original flavour), red bean buns and kinako daifuku mochi. They are very good, and I was instantly transported back to Japan! It was sweet but not too sweet, and is perfect with your favourite green tea.

Fresh melonpan :)
Fresh melonpan 🙂
Kinako daifuku mochi!
Kinako daifuku mochi!

I highly recommend Oguraya Bakery for your fix of Japanese pastries and desserts! Very delicious! 😀

My flat lay on Instagram: red bean buns, daifuku mochi & melonpan with matcha.
My flat lay on Instagram: red bean buns, daifuku mochi & melonpan with matcha.

Recommended? Yes!

COST: Cheap. Prices at Oguraya are fairly cheap, as with many other Asian bakeries. Expect to pay ~$5 for a pack of pastries (usually comes in a pack of four), or $1.50 – $2 for an individual piece.

TASTE: Excellent. I love the red bean buns and their mochi is delicious. Their melonpan was sweet, but like the other pastries, not too sweet (perfect with green tea)!

ACCESSIBILITY: Moderate. Oguraya Bakery is located at Sprucecliff and is about ~15 minutes by foot from Westbrook station. Driving is the recommended method to get here.

ATMOSPHERE: Okay. It’s a bit hard to judge because the bakery is geared for takeaways (for now). That said however, it’s still quite messy at the front counter and disorganized.

SERVICE: 8/10. The owner and his daughter are very friendly & welcoming, and helped us regarding their menu items! Service is quick since the bakery is just behind the front counter.


Oguraya Bakery (aka Foster’s Bakery)

Address: 532 Poplar Road SW, Calgary AB

Phone: (403) 249 – 3312


  • Monday: 9AM – 6PM
  • Tuesday: 9AM – 6PM
  • Wednesday: 9AM – 6PM
  • Thursday: 9AM – 6PM
  • Friday: 9AM – 6PM
  • Saturday: 9AM – 6PM
  • Sunday: Closed


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  1. Would you consider shipping me about 30 of your melon pan.?
    I am in Bellingham WA.

    1. Hi Dale! I didn’t make these melon pan. They are made by a Calgary-based bakery, and I’m not sure if they ship to USA. Contact them at

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