Indonesian Goodness at Borobudur Resto in Crossroads Market

Southeast Asian eateries are really limited in Calgary, but what eateries you may find serves really good food. Borobudur Resto in Crossroads Market is one of these, and they serve excellent authentic Indonesian food! For the uninformed, Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist temple complex! Each of its perforated stupas house a Buddha statue, and from atop, […]

Village Ice Cream is the Best in Calgary

Village Ice Cream is definitely the best ice cream in Calgary! No argument there, really. If you can find better ice cream in Calgary, please let me know. Otherwise, Village Ice Cream is the best! Their ice cream is hand-made & artisan, and uses local & natural ingredients to ensure maximum deliciousness! Often times, Village […]

Authentic Mexican Food at Sabores

Sabores in Market on Macleod offers excellent service with delicious food, at a price that’s won’t necessarily break the bank. Market on Macleod is a year-round farmers’ market that have various stalls ranging from produce to ethnic food to artists. I was first introduced to this place by my Indonesian friend, and I fell in […]