Vegan Pizza Goodness at Bow Tie Pizza

Bow Tie Pizza is the “best dressed pizza in town” and I will have to agree with them! One of the owners of Bow Tie Pizza, Dustin, contacted me asking if I wanted to try their vegan pizza. Of course, I cannot refuse pizza, especially if it was vegan & complimentary—and so, I said yes!

Bow Tie Pizza!

Bow Tie Pizza is primarily a takeaway pizza joint, so there are no seats or tables. That said, they do offer delivery to suit your needs.

The guys in the front were really nice and friendly, and they offered the 2 pizzas for me: The Vegan and Meat Lovers (for my friend). As a bonus, they also included vegan pizza dips for our pizzas! Excellent service indeed! 😀

Bow Tie Pizza front counter.
My eye is on “The Vegan”
Pizzas boxed up and ready for the picnic.

It was a beautiful day, so when we received the pizzas, we went to the nearby Crescent Heights Park for a picnic! My friend also brought over some Mango Mania drinks for our small picnic, which was perfect on a day like today.

The pizzas are deep dish, not like the Italian thin-crusted pizza you would find in UNA or Posto. I personally prefer thicker crusts because that means more sustenance for me.  😉

A beautiful day to have a picnic at the park.
Some Mango Mania to cool down from the heat.

The Vegan had a tomato sauce base, topped (seemingly) with all the veggies in their disposal, and finished with a generous amount of vegan Daiya cheese. The pizza was good & indulgent in itself, but when paired with the vegan pizza dip…delicious! This is definitely one of the best vegan pizzas in Calgary!

My friend also enjoyed her Meat Lovers pizza as well, but not to the extent that I did. Maybe it’s because when you find a vegan food item on a menu, it’s like finding hidden treasure?

The Vegan pizza for moi.
The Meat Lovers pizza for my friend.

I absolutely love Bow Tie Pizza. Their branding is on point, and I love that they’re reaching out to Calgary influencers to broaden their reach! The Vegan pizza was amazing, and I will keep coming back just for that! Thanks again to Bow Tie Pizza for the complimentary pizzas—they were delicous!

Recommended? Definite yes!

COST: Moderate. My pizzas were complimentary, but prices of the pizzas are on par with other pizza joints. For a personal pizza (10″), expect to pay $14 – $18. For a large pizza (14″), expect to pay $20 – $25.

TASTE: Very good. The vegan pizza was amazing! It had all the veggies on it, and topped with an ample amount of vegan Daiya cheese! The vegan pizza dip with that vegan pizza was BOMB! It’s definitely indulgent, but vegan indulgence is good once in a while.  😉

ACCESSIBILITY: Moderate. The eatery is located right on Centre Street and McKnight Blvd, so it might be a bit of a stretch for some people, especially those living in the south. That said, they offer delivery service too! Buses service the area, and parking is ample.

ATMOSPHERE: Okay. Because this is a takeaway pizza joint, there really isn’t much in terms of ambience. That said, the eatery is kept clean and maintained well.

SERVICE: 9/10. The service is really good! The guys making the pizza and manning the front were real friendly and welcoming.


Bow Tie Pizza

Address: 4817 Centre Street NW, Calgary AB

Phone: (403) 299 – 0000


  • Monday: 11AM – 9PM
  • Tuesday: 11AM – 9PM
  • Wednesday: 11AM – 9PM
  • Thursday: 11AM – 9PM
  • Friday: 11AM – 10PM
  • Saturday: 11AM – 10PM
  • Sunday: 3:30PM – 9PM


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

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