International Street Food at The Street Eatery

Update — April 24, 2017

I was invited by the owner to come to The Street Eatery after they forcibly closed during the winter of 2016/2017. And this time was better than the first.

Our starters: my veggie soup and my friend’s macaroni Makhani.

TASTE: Good. My mughlai veg naan rola was really delicious! I loved the complex mix of flavours in that dish—sweet, tangy, salty and a bit spicy! My friend had the Korean stone bowl stir fry which she liked, though not as much as I did for my dish.

Our mains have arrived!
Mughlai veg naan rola with a salad and cilantro chutney. Yum!!
Korean stone bowl stir fry.

For starter, we had the veggie soup (it was okay) and macaroni Makhani (she said it was good). For dessert, my friend had the Berry Crush milkshake, which she enjoyed but couldn’t finish. She found it surprising that the milkshake wasn’t too sweet like the other over-the-top milkshakes in town (RE:GRUB)!

Berry Crush milkshake—good, not too sweet, but heavy on the stomach. Definitely

I wish I tried the chana masala again to compare it to the first time I ate it. I would definitely recommend the mughlai veg naan rola for vegans! 🙂


The Street Eatery transports you to various countries around the world like Mexico, India and South Korea, and allow you to sample various street food!

The Street Eatery.
The Street Eatery.

My friend and I wanted to meet for dinner, and we both decided to try out a new restaurant in Downtown Calgary called “The Street Eatery.” The gimmick is that they sell street food that is found in various countries in the world including South Korea, India, Mexico and Vietnam.

A wall mural at The Street Eatery
A wall mural at The Street Eatery.

Hungry, we quick ordered our food. At The Street Eatery, you order at the front counter, and they will serve you your food (if you’re staying to eat). It’s also vegetarian- and vegan-friendly here! If you so desire, they also serve alcohol.

Shop front counter, where you place your order.
Shop front counter, where you place your order.

I ordered the chickpea curry and the naan with mint chutney. On the other hand, my friend ordered the Mexican-inspired las tortas. Because of the huge variety of international food, it’s really impossible to make all cuisines authentic.

I know they were trying to channel chana masala with my chickpea curry. However, the chickpea curry had a somewhat plastic-y taste to it, and it was very off-putting. I have never tasted that in any Indian curries I’ve eaten (not in a good way)! That said, the naan was soft and chewy. My friend also liked the las tortas!

Our meals ready! My chana masala with rice & naan, and the las tortas.
Our meals ready! My chana masala with rice & naan, and the las tortas.

The eatery is small but at the time we had dinner, there were only three other people in the restaurant. It just opened this year (2016), so it’s relatively new. It’s pretty quiet and there’s a mellow music in the background. I think they could’ve added more decorations to make it seem “exotic,” but that’s just me.

Lots of seating at The Street Eatery.
Lots of seating at The Street Eatery.

If you want to sample different street food from various countries in one place, try out The Street Eatery. The food isn’t the best or most authentic but at least you can taste a sample.

Street Eatery menu.
Street Eatery menu.
Street Eatery street creations.
Street Eatery street creations.

Recommended? Maybe.

COST: Moderate. It’s not the cheapest eatery, but The Street Eatery is quite affordable. For an entrée, expect to pay ~$10 – $15. Sides varies between $3 – $5.

TASTE: Okay. My chickpea curry wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, as I expected. There was a plastic-y taste to the curry, which was quite unappetizing. However, the naan was pretty good and chewy! Also, my friend quite enjoyed her las tortas.

ACCESSIBILITY: Easy. The restaurant is located a few blocks away from 7th/8th Street station, so it’s about ~10 minutes by foot from the stations. Driving can be a hassle because parking is sparce.

ATMOSPHERE: Nice. The Street Eatery isn’t as well-known yet (since it just opened this year), so it was still quite empty. The space is adequate with lots of seating, and is nice place for casual dining.

SERVICE: 7/10. The girl serving us didn’t have the friendliest gestures, but we were treated quite well on our visit. Both our meals came out in about ~15 minutes.

Meal flatlay :)
Meal flatlay 🙂


The Street Eatery

Address: 890 4th Avenue SW, Calgary AB

Phone: (403) 234 – 9969


  • Monday: 11AM – 9PM
  • Tuesday: 11AM – 9PM
  • Wednesday: 11AM – 9PM
  • Thursday: 11AM – 9PM
  • Friday: 11AM – 10PM
  • Saturday: 12PM – 9PM
  • Sunday: 12PM – 9PM


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