A Delicious Meal at Mamak Dang Malaysian Fusion

Mamak Dang Malaysian Fusion offers excellent Malaysian food and service in a Malaysian-styled eatery!

Mamak Dang Malaysian Fusion
Mamak Dang Malaysian Fusion.

We arrived at Mamak Dang on a Thursday afternoon, and it just finished the lunch hour rush so there were hardly anyone inside. This worked to our advantage because we had the full attention of the staff and chef! 😀

Once we were seated, we immediately ordered. For our meal, we ordered the:

  • Roti canai with curry sauce for appetizer ($6);
  • Vegetable laksa ($11), and nasi lemak lunch combo with curry chicken and beef rendang ($14) for entrées;
  • Ais batu campur (ABC) or Malaysian shaved ice for dessert ($6)
A feast of a meal! Soooo good!

Everything was delicious! The roti canai is flaky and soft, and the curry sauce was tasty and thick (different from most SE Asian curries). The vegetable laksa was flavourful and rich! My Indonesian friend liked the nasi lemak combo, though the flavours of Malaysian rendang and curry chicken were different from what she’s accustomed to.

Roti canai with curry sauce is flaky, crispy but not greasy. Yum!!
Vegetable laksa is so flavourful!
Nasi lemak combo with beef rendang, curry chicken and fish balls.

We ended the meal with the ais batu campur or ABC, which literally means “ice rock mixed.” It’s a Malaysian style shaved ice with grass jelly, sweetened mung & adzuki beans, and coconut jelly (aka nata de coco) with condensed milk on top! It was a very good end after a delicious meal.

Ais batu campur, aka shaved ice with beans and coconut jelly.
Mixed ais batu campur (ABC) to finish a delicious meal!

Mamak Dang is surprisingly big with a lot of tables and seats. There aren’t a lot of decorations, but the decor that is there adds to the atmosphere. I loved that the eatery looks something straight out of Malaysian food courts!

Tons of seating at Mamak Dang!
Tables and chairs look similar to Malaysian street food courts.

If you want some cheap Malaysian food in Calgary, visit Mamak Dang! And now there’s also a second location in Downtown Calgary for your convenience!

Mamak Dang serves delicious food!

Recommended? Definitely!!

COST: Cheap. For a sit down restaurant, the prices are relatively cheap. For our whole meal, with an appetizer, entrées, dessert and tea, we paid ~$40 together with tax and tip for the two of us.

TASTE: Very good. Our roti canai was flaky and the curry sauce tasted like Japanese curry (not most like Malaysian curries). The vegetable laksa was really tasty! My Indonesian friend liked the beef rendang and curry chicken, and said that it was a different flavour than Indonesian beef rendang. The ais batu campur (i.e. ABC) was sweet and refreshing, and it was good end to a delicious meal.

ACCESSIBILITY: Difficult. This location is located along McKnight Blvd and parallel to Deerfoot Trail in Northeast Calgary. I think driving is probably the best way to get here, and there are a lot of parking spaces.

ATMOSPHERE: Nice. Mamak Dang is a casual eatery, so don’t expect fancy tables and decor. Decor is minimal but the restaurant is very clean! The tables and seats are simple and resemble what one would see in Malaysian street food courts!

SERVICE: 8/10. The chef and other servers were really friendly, and he even served us our meal! Kudos to chef service!

Mamak Dang is very solid option for Malaysian food in Calgary!!


Mamak Dang Malaysian Fusion

Address: 4604 12th Street NE, Calgary AB

Phone: (403) 261 – 1811


  • Monday: Not Accepting Orders
  • Tuesday: 11AM – 8:30PM
  • Wednesday: 11AM – 8:30PM
  • Thursday: 11AM – 8:30PM
  • Friday: 11AM – 8:30PM
  • Saturday: 11AM – 8:30PM
  • Sunday: 11AM – 2:30PM

Website: www.mamakdangfusion.com

This is not a sponsored post.

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