Elegant Pizza at Posto Pizzeria and Bar

When I was working at Husky during my internship last year, I frequented Holy Grill on 10th Ave for lunch, just around the corner from Posto, which I never had the chance to try it. Today, during the lunch hour, I decided to finally try Posto Pizzeria and Bar.

Posto Pizzeria and Bar.
Posto Pizzeria and Bar.

My cousin and I arrived at Posto at 12PM on a Monday, which is the busy lunch hour for the downtown businesses. Fortunately, I made a reservation earlier in the day for a table for two. I love the fact that you can reserve a table on their website!

It was our first time at the restaurant, and our server met us warmly at the door. We picked a table in the patio, since it was a nice day out. We immediately ordered our food, but I was afraid that because it was an upscale restaurant, the wait would take a while. Much to my surprise, however, our order came within 10-15 minutes from when we sat down!

Tables set :)
Tables set πŸ™‚
Patio at Posto Pizzeria.
Patio at Posto Pizzeria.

Honestly, my meal at Posto Pizzeria was a very delicious experience. It was during the lunch hour, but it was still sooooo good! We ordered the large shareable ricotta ravioli ($19), as well as the #3 funghi (mushroom) pizza with grana padano ($19), both of which were excellent! We loved the sauce of the ravioli so much that we used our pizza crusts to mop the sauce!

One thing I didn’t really like was of course, the price. I am a big proponent of cheap (and delicious) food, especially street/market food. It was a bit hard to swallow the cost of some of the items in the menu. That said, I think the meal was definitely worth the price. Tip: If you come after 10PM, the prices for their pizzas are 1/2 off!

Our meal is ready.
Our meal is ready.
#3 funghi pizza.
#3 funghi pizza.

Posto Pizzeria and Bar is elegant and upscale, and it’s reflected in the decor and atmosphere of the restaurant. Big light chandeliers, wooden accents and marble tables definitely add an air of sophistication.

Bar counter at Posto Pizzeria.
Bar counter at Posto Pizzeria.
Love the natural elegance of Posto.
Love the natural elegance of Posto.

Does Posto Pizzeria and Bar have the best pizzas in Calgary? It’s definitely a contender for the title, but be prepared to pay top $$$ to dine on these delicious pizzas.

Recommended? Yes, yes, yes!

COST: Pricey. While delightful, the pizzas were quite upscale. Our pizza cost $19, which was pricey for one pizza but it was enough to feed the both of us. The ravioli cost $19 for a big, shareable plate. Despite the price, our meal was sizeable and actually made us full.

TASTE: Excellent. Posto serves excellent pizza, and possibly the best in Calgary. The #3 pizza, funghi pizza, was heavenly! The crust wasn’t too thick or too thin, and the flavour was well-balanced. The ricotta ravioli was delectable, and that sauce was to die for.

ACCESSIBILITY: Easy. Posto Pizzeria is on 10th Avenue in the Beltline, and it’s very close to 8th Street station (about ~5 minutes by foot). Parking is also available nearby, but it’s not free on weekdays and Saturdays.

ATMOSPHERE: Very nice. The restaurant is small inside, but it does give off an air of elegance. The bar and kitchen have some seats, and there are a number of tables up for reservations. Decor is beautiful and chic! The patio is open and shaded, so the sun won’t burn your beautiful skin while you eat (during summers).

SERVICE: 9/10. Our server was extremely friendly, and gave excellent service. Our food came at a reasonable time (especially considering the fact that it was lunchtime), and our glasses were refilled quickly when it was empty.


Posto Pizzeria and Bar

Address: 1014 8th Street SW, Calgary AB

Phone: (403) 263 – 4876


  • Monday: 11:30AM – 11PM
  • Tuesday: 11:30AM – 11PM
  • Wednesday: 11:30AM – 11PM
  • Thursday: 11:30AM – 11PM
  • Friday: 11:30AM – 12AM
  • Saturday: 5PM – 12AM
  • Sunday: 5AM – 10PM

Website: posto.ca

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