A Chilly Day Trip to Banff and Lake Louise!

Banff and Lake Louise are perhaps the most famous natural attractions in Canada after Ontario’s Niagara Falls. And with due praise! Banff National Park is beautiful any time of the year, be it summer or winter!

In mid-January, my friend Caroline and I took a day trip to Banff and Lake Louise to get out of the city. Initially, we thought it would be a warmer day, but boy were we wrong! The ambient temperature was -15°C but with windchill, the temperature was probably around -20°C. Brrrrrrr!

After an hour drive from Calgary, we first visited Banff first to grab some lunch at Wild Flour Bakery, Banff’s best café. We then continued to the frozen Lake Louise, and finally to the rocky terrains of Johnston Canyon. After a day in the outdoors, we stopped over at Whitebark Cafe in Banff to warm up with coffee before heading back to Calgary.

Canada 150

I’ve said this before, but Banff is my favourite place in the entire world despite my travels to many places! Maybe it’s because it’s so reminiscent of my childhood, but everytime I go there, I always feel like I’m there for the first time. The beauty of Banff is just unparalleled in my opinion, and can’t be compared anywhere else.

And there is no better time to visit than this year! Canada is turning 150 this year, and as part of our celebration, the entrance fees in the National Parks are waived. Now you too can enjoy Banff’s beauty and majesty! Yay!! 😀



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