Lunch at Eddie Burger and Bar in Banff

The Eddie Burger and Bar serves great burgers and drinks for a casual dine-in at Downtown Banff.

Eddie Burger and Bar.
Eddie Burger and Bar.

After arriving at Banff (at 2:30PM), I immediately made my way down to Eddie to have lunch because I was starving. My first restaurant choice (Chaya) was closed, so instead I ate at Eddie’s since it is highly-rated on Zomato.

When I got there, I waited a good 3 minutes at the door before getting seated (because it said wait to be seated) and the restaurant wasn’t even packed! Honestly, when a customer walks in a restaurant, they should immediately be seated.

The restaurant is small, but complete with a bar and tables. It has a casual feel and more like a sports bar/pub than a restaurant. I don’t know if it was me, but I felt constricted in space here (because it was narrow).

Eddie Burger and Bar is a tiny but popular restaurant/bar.
Eddie Burger and Bar is a tiny but popular restaurant/bar.

I opted to make my own veggie burger, with lots of veggies, no cheese and two sauces in a sesame bun. They do have their signature burgers and meals, but I thought it would be better to make my own.

The burger was really good, perhaps the best veggie burger I’ve had ever (that wasn’t made by myself). And it was huge! I couldn’t even fit the whole height of it in my mouth! If I had a complaint about the burger, I found that the patty is very crumbly and broke apart easily.

Chickpea veggie burger with a side of sweet potato fries.
Chickpea veggie burger with a side of sweet potato fries.
Such a huge burger!
Such a huge burger!

My biggest complaint is the price. My burger cost almost $22! I didn’t look at the fine details of the menu when I made my burger. It turned out that they charged for each vegetable in my burger ($0.75 each)! Who charges for that??

Total was close to $22. Omg who charges for veggies??
Total was close to $22. Omg who charges for veggies??

Eddie Burger and Bar have excellent food and drinks, so if you love a good burger, give them a visit. Look at the fine details though so you don’t end up paying as much as I did!

Recommended? Sure.

COST: Moderate – Pricey. The burgers are quite affordable; however, you can easily outspend your budget if you don’t look at the fine details. I didn’t know that they would charge for each vegetable that I chose! In total, my meal was ~$22.

TASTE: Very good. Despite the price, I still think the food is delicious. That veggie burger was probably the best veggie burger I’ve had (that’s not made by myself), and the fries were perfectly crispy and salted.

ACCESSIBILITY: Easy (in Banff). Everything in Banff (town) is very walkable so it’s quite easy to get here if you’re staying in town.

ATMOSPHERE: Nice. The restaurant/bar is small but quite lively. It’s a casual burger bar that’s often frequented by young people, so it can get loud and/or rowdy. I’ve been here on an evening previously and it gets real busy, especially on the weekends.

SERVICE: 8/10. Service is great, and the staff comprised of friendly travellers from all over the world. My server checked up on me frequently, and my order came quickly (~10 minutes after ordering).

Lunch is served.
Lunch is served.



Eddie Burger and Bar

Address: #6 137 Banff Avenue, Banff AB

Phone: (403) 762 – 2230


  • Monday: 11:30AM – 2AM
  • Tuesday: 11:30AM – 2AM
  • Wednesday: 11:30AM – 2AM
  • Thursday: 11:30AM – 2AM
  • Friday: 11:30AM – 2AM
  • Saturday: 11AM – 2AM
  • Sunday: 11AM – 2AM


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  1. […] It was much appreciated that the burger was huge to curb my hunger. And bigger than my fist! And it was good! But then I got my bill, and man…I am disappointed. The whole meal was $22! Who charges for fresh vegetables?!?!?! My review of Eddie Burger and Bar here. […]

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