First Sweetest Tea Party Was an Unexpected Success!

The Food

A huge THANK YOU to all the amazing bakers who came and brought their delicious treats! I know how much work you guys put in your treats, and I truly appreciate your time, money and effort for bringing them today. You guys are awesome people, your treats were gorgeous to look at, and most importantly, they were delicious to eat!

Cheesecake baby bites by My Cheesecake Addiction!
Adorable macarons by Filigree Pastries!
An amazing two-tier fondant cake by One More Piece!
  • Laiian of Cakes by Lai for your beautiful unicorn cake (with wings);
Amazing unicorn cake (with wings) by Cakes by Lai!
Flaky and delicious croissants by Butter Block!

  • I brought vegan chocolate & ube cupcakes with coconut whipped cream frosting, vegan chocolate and vanilla donuts and vegan red velvet cake pops!
Vegan chocolate and ube cupcakes with coconut whipped cream by yours truly!
Vegan vanilla baked donuts with pastel white chocolate coating.
Vegan vanilla baked donuts with pastel white chocolate coating.

Thank You!

Our beautiful spread with lovely people 🙂

An incredibly big THANK YOU to Jacqueline and Café Blanca for lending us your space for the Sweetest Tea Party! Thank you for welcoming and being open to my idea, and helping me bring it to fruition. This café is honestly one of the best in terms of incubating local art and culture in Calgary! I truly love the ambience and atmosphere at Café Blanca! I hope to collaborate with you again in the future!

Another THANK YOU to Jess of Antheia Floral (IG: AntheiaFloralYYC)  for bringing your  gorgeous flower arrangement to the party! It was sooo lovely!!

A gorgeous pastel flower arrangement by Antheia Floral Boutique!

And of course, THANK YOU to everyone who came! Without you, the Sweetest Tea Party wouldn’t have been a success! It was so great putting a face to an Instagram username. I loved meeting each and everyone one of you (finally), and I really hope we can connect again offline soon!

THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING!! Hope you had as much fun as I did!

A huge SHOUT OUT to my Instagram idol, Alexa (AJFernando), for giving me the inspiration to start this in Calgary!

Lastly, thank you to my friends who helped me organize the Sweetest Tea Party! I love you guys (you know who you are). 😉

My Thoughts

I didn’t know what was going to happen at The Sweetest Tea Party. I didn’t have a particular program or schedule I didn’t know if people would show up. I didn’t know if they would be open to conversing with each other. I had a lot of doubt and anxiety, despite my excitement.

But in the end, I would say that The Sweetest Tea Party was a success! In my previous post about The Sweetest Tea Party, I set certain goals, and I think I met all my intended goals:

  • √ — We strengthened this community of social media-savvy and Instagram-loving people and influencers.
  • √ — I made new friends and connections that I otherwise wouldn’t make if social media wasn’t available.
  • √ — We had meaningful conversations over our commonalities & interests rather than differences while eating yummy food.
  • √ — We market local & independent businesses in Calgary (our bakers and Café Blanca).

As an extroverted introvert, the thought of busy social events like this sometimes terrifies me. Maybe it’s because food has such a connective power to link people or maybe they weren’t all extroverted introverts like me, but I’m glad that EVERYONE was open to meeting new friends. 😛

Flatlay of some of the delicious treats 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed the food and conversations between each other, and I hope you made new connections and offline friends! Also, I hope my vision and intentions for The Sweetest Tea Party was made clear to you guys, and I cannot wait to meet you all again! 😀

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