Celebrating Connections X Her Modern Canvas

The very wonderful Jenny of Her Modern Canvas hosted her “Celebrating Connections” event this month to celebrate the connections she’s made online to offline.

Celebrating Her Modern Canvas!

Similar to my Sweetest Tea Party last month, Jenny’s event was also a #FromOnlineToOffline initiative! Aforementioned above, the event was a celebration of the connections she’s (we’ve) made online and offline, but it was also a celebration of Jenny’s birthday!

Here’s a short overview of the event:

I’m so thankful to have met this wonderful lady, and this community of inspiring creators in Calgary! As Amanda (of Joie de Cristaux) said during our conversations, connecting with this community is different from connecting with friends.

With this community, we are all creating something and our challenges can be very different from what our friends may be experiencing. In this group, we can share the successes and obstacles with our creations (business, photography, baking, blogging, etc.), whereas with a typical group of friends, you could just be hanging out for the sake of hanging out.

Food and Styling

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed food to her event! THEY WERE ALL DELICIOUS!

Another huge thank you to Antheia Floral Boutique for the beautiful flowers, Mind The Minimal for the concrete diamonds decor, Saje Wellness for the conversation cards, and to Voltage Creative Garage for the huge art-centric space!

Delicious salads from Dirtbelly, and concrete diamond by Mind The Minimal.
True Buch Kombucha.
Such a beautiful spread!
Gorgeous matcha cake by Sugarstone Co.
Cheese flaky bread by Butter Block YYC and vegan donuts made by moi.
Mini cakes by Little Tucker.
Beautiful cake by Cakes By Lai, with flowers provided by Antheia Floral Boutique.


Fair warning: I’m very awkward when I walk into a social situation alone. I also become overwhelmed with anxiety. But sometimes, I almost feel like I become a different person when pushed into a group of people—I suddenly turn into this sociable, talkative (ahem, charming) person.

My preferred way of getting to know others are intimate one-on-one coffee, or even two-on-one conversations. This event was a bit different from typical “big” parties; it felt much more intimate. Thanks to the Saje Wellness conversation cards, we had amazingly deep conversations. These kinds of conversations are what I live for because they reveal the experiences, strengths and vulnerabilities that composes one’s personality. 🙂

Celebrating Connections by Her Modern Canvas.
Conversations & connections being made. :)
Conversations & connections being made. 🙂

Celebrating Connections #FromOnlineToOffline

I love meeting and creating connections with new friends, as well as developing the connections I’ve already made. I truly share Jenny’s and Alexa‘s vision of connecting and celebrating the online community offline.

Celebrating Connections X Her Modern Canvas
Celebrating Connections X Her Modern Canvas

Thank you again to Jenny for inviting me to her awesome event, and a happy, happy birthday to you! Let’s continue to build up this food-loving, Instagram-savvy, and connection-creating community in Calgary! 🙂

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