Monogram Coffee in Altadore is The Most Hipster Cafe in Calgary

In all honestly, Monogram Coffee in Altadore is the most hipster cafe in Calgary. Everything seems hipster: the obscure location in southwest, the hole-in-the-wall venue, the wood decor, the incandescent lightbulbs (maybe?) and the homemade almond-cashew milk. And I am in heaven~ I like to consider myself to be a bit of a hipster: vegan, […]

Organic Coffee at Higher Ground Cafe

If you’re a coffeephile and caf√©phile like me, you will love Higher Ground Cafe in Kensington. Aside from Inglewood and 17th Avenue, Kensington completes the trio of Calgary’s “hipster neighbourhoods.” These are centres of hipster culture and arts in Calgary, and where young people flock for fad foods. Higher Ground isn’t one of those fads. […]