Amazing Space at Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters in Marda Loop

From photos online, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters in Marda Loop looks like a fancy place, and it did not disappoint! The cafe is exquisite, with awesome baristas and atmosphere.

A beautiful & tall cafe with hanging chandeliers!

I’ll say it: I’ve never been to any Phil & Seb before. I know, I know…such blasphemy! For those who don’t know, Phil & Sebastian is a famed coffee roaster based in Calgary which has a long and interesting story (read it on their website).

I didn’t know what to expect visiting the cafe, but my first impression was great. This Phil & Seb location was huge! I loved the high ceilings and lightbulb chandelier!

This cafe is sooo lit!

When I arrived at Phil & Seb, the cafe was surprisingly not busy. Granted, it was 9AM on a Sunday morning, when most people are sleeping or at church. I took a seat at my favourite spot in cafes: by the window. Call me a creep, but I love to people-watch and take in the views from inside the cafe.

I love sitting by windows because I like to watch people… #creep

As the sun crept over the sidewalk, more and more people stopped by to grab some coffee, and the cafe became busier. However, I didn’t feel like the cafe became crowded or louder. Perhaps the big space dampened the sounds, but I was comfortable working with the ambient noise.

After ordering an Americano and a breakfast sandwich, the barista pleasantly served me my food where I sat. Kudos for great service!

Breakfast is served!
Phil & Seb Americano.

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters in Marda Loop is an awesome cafe, but you *most likely* won’t find myself here often just because it’s so far from where I live (in the NE). The cafe has a great atmosphere, big space and friendly staff!

Love the bar seats!

Recommended? Absolutely!

COST: Moderate. Like with most hipster cafes, prices at Phil & Seb are pretty moderate. Expect to pay ~$5 for espresso-based drinks, and ~$5 – $8 for sandwiches.

TASTE: Good. The vegetarian breakfast sandwich was quite tasty and savoury, but unfortunately wasn’t vegan (it contained egg and cheese). My Americano was darkly flavourful, and was a great accompaniment to the sandwich.

ACCESSIBILITY: Difficult. The cafe is located in SW, so it’s quite far from downtown. While there are buses that service the area, I think the best way to get here is by driving. Parking is limited to curbside, so be warned drivers.

ATMOSPHERE: Very nice. Despite its popularity, I didn’t feel like the cafe was overcrowded. I actually liked the busyness for this size of a cafe; it makes the cafe more lively in a sort. Or maybe it’s only because it was Sunday when I visited. Phil & Seb is a great place to meet with friends over coffee when it’s not busy.

SERVICE: 9/10. The baristas were very friendly, and even served me my coffee + sandwich while I sat by the window!

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters in Marda Loop.


Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters in Marda Loop

Address: 2043 33rd Ave SW, Calgary AB

Phone: (403) 686 – 1221


  • Monday: 6:30M – 9PM
  • Tuesday: 6:30M – 9PM
  • Wednesday: 6:30M – 9PM
  • Thursday: 6:30M – 9PM
  • Friday: 6:30M – 9PM
  • Saturday: 7:30M – 9PM
  • Sunday: 7:30M – 6PM


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