Chilling at Rosso Coffee Roasters Tuxedo

As their first venture out of the south, Rosso Coffee Roasters Tuxedo opened in March 2017, with an extremely positive reception (including from me).

Rosso Coffee Roasters Tuxedo.

Like I mentioned in my previous post on Rosso at 17th Avenue, over the past few years, Rosso has been aggressively expanding their visibility & reach in Calgary, and now it’s become a favourite for locals & tourists alike. Of the Rosso locations in Calgary, I have now visited 4/7 locations.

Because it’s closest to where I live and my church, I now often frequent Rosso Coffee Roasters Tuxedo. On Sundays, I usually hang out at the cafe, doing some blog work and business planning, before going to church in the evening. On this particular Sunday, the cafe was really quiet with not many people.

Cafe front.

I ordered an americano, which is very good, not too bitter or sour. Excellent. Maybe it’s because I’m biased towards Rosso since they’re a local roaster, but Rosso Coffee Roasters serves really damn good coffee.

I’ve also had the iced soy latte before, and it’s really good. It’s more expensive because of the soy milk, but it’s delicious.

Americano for one please.
How cute are these painted cups? 🙂

My favourite part of the cafe is the cool ambiance. By the windows, they have a seating area designed for casual meets with a sofa and cushioned chairs, to make you feel relaxed. I especially love that plant/tiled white wall in the back—so Instagrammable!

They also have a long high table by the big windows, with lots of outlets if you need to do work. Alternatively, they have some small tables by the back side corner. I myself like the light from the windows, so I gravitate towards that. 🙂

I love this area! That wall is so amazing!
Enjoying coffee with my branding & marketing strategist and friend, Max.
A long high table facing the windows, and lots of outlets to do some work.

Rosso Coffee Roasters Tuxedo is an excellent addition to the Rosso lineup in Calgary. I’m really excited that it’s in the north, since it’s more accessible to where I live in the NE. If you want good coffee and great ambience for meeting up with friends (or hang out solo), check them out!

This cafe’s a bit narrower than the others, but still very cozy.

Recommended? Yes!

COST: Moderate. Prices for drinks are moderate here, just as you would find in other cafes. For a large espresso-based drink, expect to pay around $5. Sandwiches are ~$5 – $7.

TASTE: Good. I ordered an americano, which is excellent, not too bitter or sour. I really like their iced soy latte as well, but it is more expensive than usual.

ACCESSIBILITY: Moderate. Rosso Coffee Roasters Tuxedo is located along Centre Street and very close to 16th Avenue, so it’s accessible by many buses. Driving is recommended, and there are parking areas street-side or in the back (although it can get pretty packed at some days).

ATMOSPHERE: Very nice. I love the ambiance at this location. Interestingly, it has similar decor and ambiance from the other Rosso locations: big windows, lots of seating, and a relaxed & cozy atmosphere. The white plant wall by the window with the sofas and cushioned seats is awesome.

SERVICE: 9/10. The baristas are super friendly, and super welcoming! I have never had a bad experience with Rosso’s service whatsoever.


Rosso Coffee Roasters Tuxedo

Address: 2102 Centre Street NE, Calgary AB

Phone: (587) 356 – 1643


  • Monday: 7AM – 10PM
  • Tuesday: 7AM – 10PM
  • Wednesday: 7AM – 10PM
  • Thursday: 7AM – 10PM
  • Friday: 7AM – 10PM
  • Saturday: 8AM – 10PM
  • Sunday: 8AM – 8PM


This is not a sponsored post.

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