Baden-Württemberg, Germany: A Feast For The Eyes

Between my second and third year of university, I did a student exchange to the wonderful state of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany. As an outsider, I didn’t know much about the region. However, after spending six weeks exploring it, I fell in love with the charms of Germany.

Where Baden-Württemberg is located on the map of Germany. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Stuttgart is the biggest & capital city, and it’s the city I called home. Based in Stuttgart, I travelled around with my fellow students and sometimes alone. Rolling hills, blue waters, dense forests, romantic cities, contemporary urban sprawls—Baden-Württemberg has it all.

There is too much to see, do and taste, and six weeks was definitely not enough. At least now, however, I’ve had a sample of what Baden-Württemberg offered. Can’t wait to visit again! 🙂

Rich Culture, Beautiful Architecture

It’s not hard to immerse yourself into Swabian culture. You’ll experience it in the many museums, abundant churches, historical castles, free imperial cities, the food you eat, and even the streets you walk on!

Germans (and Europeans, in general) have an appreciation for art that is somewhat lacking in North American cultures. Be it traditional performance art, modern visual art, or abstract & contemporary art, all forms of art are celebrated.

Staatstheater Stuttgart (Stuttgart state theatre).
Inside the grand Stuttgart opera.
Romantic cityscape of Heidelberg.
Ludwidsburg Castle.
Inner courtyard of Ludwigsburg Castle.
Inner courtyard of Ludwigsburg Castle.

Esslingen am Neckar Stadtmitte (City Centre)
Stuttgart Opera.
Stuttgart Opera.
Churches and cathedrals are abundant in Germany.
Churches and cathedrals are abundant in Germany.
Exploring the romantic university town of Heidelberg.
Exploring the romantic university town of Heidelberg.

Inside the Frauenkirche (Our Lady’s Church) in Esslingen.
Outdoor theatre at Baden-Baden.
Esslingen am Neckar.
Beautiful German architecture!
Futuristic Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

Swabian and southern German food is very hearty, and meat- & carb-heavy. Bakeries for both breads and pastries are common and prevalent in every block of the city. Pretzels (bretzels in German) are a popular local snack as is döner kebap, a Turkish import to German cuisine.

Beer is a way of life, especially in this part of Germany. Don’t ever leave Baden-Württemberg (or Germany, for that matter) without having a fill! It’s cheaper and tastes much better than their North American counterparts. Chocolate is DELICIOUS; German chocolate is a contender for best chocolate in the world!

Bakeries are a staple in Germany!
Germans are huge consumers and makers of chocolate! The Rittersport factory is located here!
Bretzel (Pretzel) are a must in Southern Germany!
Don’t leave Baden-Württemberg without drinking local beer (this is Hefeweizen)! German beers are great!

Scenic Landscapes

Not to be overdone by its rich culture, Baden-Württemberg’s landscapes are gorgeous. From tall mountains to azure waters to hilltop city views, this is a photographer’s dream. Whether you are in the city or in the countryside, blue skies, rolling hills, and lush greenery abounds!

Panoramic sweep of Tübingen.
Gardens of Schlossplatz.
Gardens of Ludwidsburg Castle.

Beautiful courtyard in Baden-Baden.

Dense & lush greenery of Stuttgart.
My host-mum’s house is situated on an old vineyard. And so green!

Hike to the highest spot (generally a castle, fortress, church or viewpoint), and you are met with a beautiful panoramic view of the entire city or town. Even on flat grounds, you are compensated with striking buildings, imposing churches and beautiful walkways!

Heidelberg Castle from the Old Bridge, Heidelberg.

Views from the Schloss Hohentübingen, Tübingen.

Baden-Württemberg: A Feast For the Eyes

For the uninformed, Baden-Württemberg, is relatively unknown. I didn’t know anything before boarding that plane. But if you are open to new experiences, to exploring the unexplored, and to immersing yourself in its culture, you will be amazed by what Baden-Württemberg offers. I cannot wait to visit once again! 😀

Konstanz, situated on Lake Contance/Bodensee
Konstanz, situated on Lake Contance/Bodensee.

Relaxed Stuttgart life.
Relaxed Stuttgart life.

Schlossplatz (Castle Square) of Stuttgart.
Tübingen along the Neckar river.

Lake Konstanz or Bodensee (German). Baden-Württemberg is beautiful and gorgeous and wonderful! A must-visit if you want to experience the relaxed German life!

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