French Pastries at Sucre Patisserie and Cafe

Sucre Patisserie and Cafe is the latest newcomer (as of November 9, 2016) to the vibrant cafe scene in Calgary! And it is a welcomed addition with its French pastries and excellent coffee!

Sucre Patisserie and Cafe.
Sucre Patisserie and Cafe.

I first heard about Sucre when I saw that it would be opening soon when I ate lunch at Posto Pizzeria and Bar. Since then, it was included in my “to-visit” list of restaurants & cafes in Calgary. To my delight, they just opened last week and welcomed first time visitors to the cafe!

Front counter @ Sucre.
Front counter @ Sucre.

Once you walk in the shop, you are instantaneously greeted with their freshly baked pastries behind a window display. They have different types of croissants from S’mores to ham & cheese, mousses, cakes, tarts, tortes, macarons and even meringue! Such a wide variety!

Freshly-baked croissants are awesome!
Freshly-baked croissants are awesome!
French pastries.
French pastries.

Along with pastries, they also serve coffee and espresso drinks using coffee beans from the Vancouver-based Matchsticks coffee. I fell in love with Matchsticks when I was in Vancouver, so it’s nice to see their beans at Sucre!

More French pastries and macarons!
More French pastries and macarons!

I ordered a large soy latte and a S’mores cruffin (croissant muffin) and sat down to read my Bible. The cruffin was pretty delicious, albeit quite indulgent with all that chocolate pastry cream stuffed inside. My latte was delicious, and kudos to the barista for the latte art on top!

They recommend any of their pastries, but the biggest sell are the croissants and meringues.

Soy latte and cruffin. Yum!
Soy latte and cruffin. Yum!
S'mores cruffin (croissant muffin).
S’mores cruffin (croissant muffin).

The cafe is highly reminiscent of Parisian and Italian cafes, with its the simple yet exquisite decor and big windows! There aren’t a lot of seats, but the cafe has a really relaxed feel to it. I know I say this often, but Sucre is perfect for social gatherings or coffee dates!

Alternatively, you can also do your work at the cafe (Wifi available), or do some reading for your me-time. If you do go solo, I recommend sitting by the window to people-watch! 🙂

A small shop but really fancy.
A small shop but really fancy.

I highly recommend Sucre Patisserie and Cafe for a Parisian cafe experience! French pastries and baked goods, excellent coffee, and a relaxed cafe atmosphere will greet you when you enter the doors!

Recommended? Yes!

COST: Moderate. Like with most other cafes, the prices at Sucre at pretty moderate. For an espresso-drink, expect to pay ~$5. The pastries and baked goods can vary from $1.50 – $5.

TASTE: Very Good. The Matchstick coffee/espresso they serve is really good, and my soy latte was very tasty! And just the right texture! The S’mores cruffin was really rich but really good too, and it goes well with their espresso.

ACCESSIBILITY: Easy. Sucre is located on the corner of 8th Street and 10th Avenue in the Beltline. It’s about ~5 minutes from 8th Street station, so it is highly accessible by transit. Parking is limited if you opt to drive.

ATMOSPHERE: Very nice. The cafe has a very elegant yet relaxed atmosphere not unlike the cafes in France. It really did remind me of a cafe I once visited once in Paris. It’s clean, modern and perfect for catching up with friends! You can also do some work here if you like (with free Wifi available)!

SERVICE: 8/10. The ladies and gents working at Sucre are friendly and welcoming, and explained about the shop to first-time customers (myself included). But, you’re expected to clear your tables when you’re done.

Instagram flatlay :)
Instagram flatlay 🙂


Sucre Patisserie and Cafe

Address: 1007 8th Street SW, Calgary AB

Phone: (587) 352 – 5505


  • Monday: 7AM – 6PM
  • Tuesday: 7AM – 6PM
  • Wednesday: 7AM – 6PM
  • Thursday: 7AM – 6PM
  • Friday: 7AM – 8PM
  • Saturday: 9AM – 8PM
  • Sunday: 10AM – 5PM


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